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Robot Identifies as Non-Binary

After months of speculation, Dutch inventor Elias Moscone has announced the unveiling of his latest invention, a robot the inventor claims possess complete artificial sentience. He calls it "DALE" (Developed Artificial Lifelike Existence). The Plantain sent me to a special preview event to meet the eccentric billionaire-inventor at EMoS-Tech's annual

Britain Revokes American Independence

Ahead of the United States' Fourth of July holiday, her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II announced that she was revoking America's independence "for their own good." "They had a good go of it, alright. But dem Yanks need to be taught a right ol lesson, boyo," said the Queen as she

How to Afford Miami on $4.2 Million a Year

With rents and housing prices soaring ever higher across Miami-Dade County, how do local millionaires afford to live here? The Plantain set out to find out by talking to Miamians with absurd income levels about how they make life in South Florida work for them. This is the first story