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Wynwood's KUSH Rebrands As Russian Spy Lounge KUSHNER

Wynwood favorite "Kush" has undergone some interesting changes recently, comrade. The “new American” restaurant known for local organic ingredients has been rebranded "Kushner", a lounge for vacationing Russian spies. The new concept has replaced American staples with Russian lounge favorites such as caviar, beef stroganoff, and pickled herring. Cocktails at

$250 Million "Luxury" Express Road Approved for Miami Beach

Capitalizing on Miami's ongoing fascination with driving poorly, spaghetti interchanges, and beeping at cyclists, soon-to-be-former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine and City of Miami Mayor Tomás Pedro Regalado jointly announced today the construction of a new 4-lane interstate class express road. Unlike other express lane construction in Miami-Dade, including the

Only 2 Points Showed Up

Thousands of fedora wearing locals are voicing their disappointment after one of the Points failed to show up to last night's Three Points Festival in Wynwood. "This is bullshit! I paid for Three Points, not two!" said a muscular Cuban man in a newly purchased too-tight Gorrilaz t-shirt. "Two points