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Republican Sen. Frank Artiles Offers Apology to "All The Niggas" He Offended

Republican Sen. Frank Artiles has issued a formal apology to "all the niggas" he offended when he actually told a group of black lawmakers that “six niggers” in the Republican caucus were responsible for Joe Negron's rise to power.

The state representative from Miami said he only used the n-word as a "goof" and doesn't see how anyone could think he was being racist because "everyone who knows him knows he is the least racist person in the world."

Sen. Artiles nevertheless apologized for those who were offended by his use of the n-word, but insisted that he wasn't actually being racist because he said "niggas" and not "niggers", and that mattered somehow. He also mentioned that he "has a lot of black friends" and is a "huge Mos Def fan."

"I think 'Black on Both Sides' is an incredible album," said Rep. Artiles, who asked that we also mention that he thinks Morgan Freeman is great.

When asked to respond to calls by members of the African American community to resign, Sen. Artiles laughed and said "niggas be trippin'" before growing frustrated at this reporter for not laughing and letting me know that he also only said it that time "as a goof," so it wasn't racist there either.

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