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Don Bailey Names Don Bailey ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

Following the polarizing reaction PEOPLE Magazine’s picking Blake Shelton as Sexiest Man Alive, local carpet and flooring salesman Don Bailey, 86, suggested a more suitable candidate for the title – himself. Known for his company’s steamy decades-old advertisement, Bailey’s naked rippling body has become the stuff of legend

Every Man Preemptively Fired From Job

The entire American male population was preemptively fired earlier today from all of their jobs over eventual reports of their sexual misconduct. "We just thought it would be faster to do it all at once rather than let the stories about how terrible everyone has been forever slip out one

McDonalds Offers Exclusive Miami-Spice Menu

McDonalds across Miami-Dade County will be offering a limited time "Miami Spice" menu in an effort to attract foodies who might not otherwise eat at the Golden Arches. The exclusive price fixed menu, available until September 30, will feature classic McDonalds dishes such as "cheeseburgers" and "nuggets" at massively inflated