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Trump Nominates Actual Bible To Supreme Court

Donald Trump will reportedly nominate a leather bound Catholic bible to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the United States Supreme Court. The announcement is expected later this evening, with White House officials touting the book's qualification for the post of crucial swing vote on the secular court. "The bible is

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Denied Entry To Church

The minister of a small Baltimore church is defending his decision to deny White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders entrance to Sunday services. The made-up story comes only days after Ms. Huckabee Sanders really was kicked out of a restaurant due to her affiliation with President Trump and his

Commission Upset Upsets Commission

The Miami-Dade County Commission has a new member, one who is remarkably unrelated to any current or former elected official. "This is absolutely terrible news," said former Commissioner Bruno Barreiro, whose wife Zendaya Zoraida Barreiro lost to Eileen Higgins, a popular activist known affectionately by the nickname La Gringa (which