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Local Football Coach Was Arrested for Telling Kids to “Take a Knee”

By James Pickleman

Yesterday evening at Tropical Park local football coach, Marcus Soto, was arrested during practice after telling his team to take a knee. Soto who is an American was quickly deported by ICE after a brief stint in jail.

Despite claims that the police misunderstood the meaning of taking the knee, and that he was just ending practice in a huddle, police stand by the arrest.

Soto’s son, Michael Soto, was the running back for the Kendall Panthers and was kneeling at the time but was not arrested along with the team as they were minors.

According to Michael’s mother, Maria Soto, her son is now so scared of getting deported that he wouldn’t even kneel in the pews while attending mass at St. Brendan’s Catholic Church after his game.

James Pickleman is a staff writer for The Plantain.

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