A 70 year-old Miami child is still eagerly awaiting her first snowfall, The Plantain has learned.Rosa Sofia, a Hialeah resident, has been running excitedly to the window every winter morning for the past 67 years, only to retreat with disappointment each time.
“It’s just so magical seeing snow on the TV,” Ms. Sofia, a mother of two, told The Plantain. “First I would see snow in the cartoons. Then I would see snow in the Hollywood movies. Now I see snow whenever I turn on my TV – but that’s because my grandson got rid of our antenna,” she added sagely.
“We’re a Netflix family now. They have whole documentaries about snow on there!” she said, beaming, before recounting the story of the time she thought she had gotten her wish.
“Once, when I was nine years old, the sky suddenly filled with thick, white powder. I put on my coat and ran excitedly into my back yard. It fell in chunky, sparkling clumps, and as I had always longed to do I rolled and rolled in it, laughing, making snow angels, and letting it fall onto my tongue.”
“Turns out, a smuggler plane from Cuba had run into trouble with the DEA and had dumped a commission of cocaína onto our neighborhood. As you can imagine, the raw excitement I felt coursing through my veins turned into bitter disappointment an hour later. I felt irritable for the rest of the day,” she recounted sadly.
But why does Ms. Sofia still hold out hope after all these years?
“All my life I have wished to see snow for myself in person. People have told me I’m crazy for thinking that snow will come to Miami, but I have always been a dreamer. I have prayed and prayed to God to bring snow to Miami, and I still believe he will answer. I just hope I live long enough to see it!”
According to recent scientific reports, her odds are ever increasing.
by Ángel Saxon

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