In an act of unknowing cuteness, Nick Evans handed his Cuban coworker Eric Gomez what appeared to be a coffee mug filled with murky hot water on Monday morning. When asked by Gomez why he gave him a cup of heated dirt water instead of the black coffee he requested, Evans adorably replied, “What do you mean? That is coffee.”Sources within the law firm where the two work report that following Evans’ comment Gomez chuckled loudly and began squeezing his friend’s adorable little white cheeks while vamping, “Who’s a little cutie? You are! You are!”
“I asked Nick what type of coffee he thought he was drinking, and he took me to the kitchen and pointed at the Folgers Classic Roast sitting on the counter,” laughed Gomez. “Cheeky little guy honestly believes that the rest of the world calls that coffee.”
When asked by Gomez why he didn’t just use the Cafe Bustelo sitting on the other side of the counter, the precious Evans replied, “I would have, but aren’t they the same thing?”
Thoroughly amused at his coworker’s ignorance, Gomez made a mug of Bustelo for Evans, who grimaced after he sipped it and remarked that it just didn’t taste right. Evans was seen later that day sipping his usual hot water Folgers while working on a spreadsheet from his cubicle.
Written by André Heizer from The Hoot

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