Anthony Bourdain in Miami Chasing Rumors of Locals 'Eating Shit'

Anthony Bourdain in Miami Chasing Rumors of Locals 'Eating Shit'

Culinary TV personality Anthony Bourdain, host of CNN’s exotic food show “Parts Unknown,” is on a quest in South Florida this week to find a restaurant where he believes locals are consuming feces.

In an interview with The Plantain, Mr. Bourdain said he was disgusted yet intrigued when he overheard a young woman on her phone in downtown Atlanta tell a friend she was “just eating shit in South Beach” the previous weekend.

“I knew right away I had to do an episode about this phenomenon,” said Mr. Bourdain. “I once did a show where I ate a barely cooked warthog anus in Namibia, and it was a huge hit. But this stuff about millennials eating poop here in the US? That would be a blockbuster.”

When questioning Miami residents about where he could find a venue that served excrement, Mr. Bourdain said he was repeatedly dismissed and once told to “stop eating shit and go home,” a response that further intrigued the CNN host.

“I think that person was trying to let me in on the secret without actually telling me. These poop meals must only happen behind closed doors, like the secret supper clubs in Manhattan,” Mr. Bourdain said. “It does sound like it could be a bit kinky.”

As his supervisors at CNN repeatedly called for status updates, an exasperated Mr. Bourdain tossed away his phone, reclined in a beach chair, and decided to relax for the entire day as he pondered how to find the elusive shit-serving restaurant.