Kendra Stewart, former part-time model and current part-time art blogger became nervous and flustered last night when art collector Jergin Honnegar attempted to engage her in an actual conversation about art at an Art Basel event.  

“I was at Soho House to take a break from all the art,” said Stewart, also known on social media as #baselgrrrl; #baselboobs; and #queenofbasel. I thought this guy was going to buy me a drink and move on, but instead, he wouldn’t shut up about Korakrit Arunanondchai or some shit,” said Stewart. When Stewart attempted to shift the conversation to Kendrick Lamar’s performance at the Faena Dome, the well dressed Sweed or Dane or whatever smiled and nodded but added nothing to the conversation. “He literally didn’t know who Kendrick Lamar was and yet he tried to call me out for not knowing anything about the black art of Basel.” 

An Instagram post reveals Stewarts frustration: “This creepy rich Euro guy is literally talking to me right now as I’m writing this,” reads the caption below an image of Stewart pointing a finger gun at her head, with the hashtag #baselproblems. 

In a final effort to stave off her headache, Kendra tried to shift the conversation to a more relatable topic, selfies. “I showed him my top ten Basel selfies,” and this guy was like…duuuhhhhh….” Kendra’s favorite of her Basel 2016 selfies features Bernadette Despujols’ resin on aluminum sculpture, ‘Love Is No Game,’ which is on offer for $26,000 at the Scope art fair. “I was commenting on how millennial men don’t go down on girls, which I’m pretty sure is what the artist was saying,” Stewart explained. 

Kendra was referring to photo of Kendra straddling the giant sculpture of a glistening pink tongue. Honnegar had left the conversation at this point to take what may or may not have been a real call to his cell phone.

By Michael Murray

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