The Plantain is, at its best, a waste of time during the day. And not even a very good one. Our most popular article is about a chicken worrying that Little Havana is being overdeveloped and how she is nervous she’ll be priced out of her home in a storm pipe behind a Navarro. That’s the sort of content we are most comfortable producing.

But more and more often, we find ourselves taking on the role of media critic when The Miami Herald does something inept or offensive or racist or anti-Semitic. That’s happening far too often these days and demonstrates a real issue that faces our community. It’s honestly exhausting trying to keep up with all of the Herald’s issues as of late and to come up with ways to spin them in a way that is either funny or not too preachy or tries not to concede that for many in Miami, the failures of the Herald’s leadership have irreparably tarnished the reputation of the paper as a whole.

So we decided to change things. The Plantain has partnered with Billy Corben and a team of independent journalists and editors to provide a new front page for Miami and a platform for editorial and analysis that is run by a board of locals from all walks of life whose only goal is to raise voices otherwise ignored by The Herald.

There’s not going to be any ads or sponsored content or conflicts of interest. Just the news you need from across Miami-Dade County located in one place so you can empower yourself to participate, hold our leaders accountable, and make Miami better. Will it work? Maybe. This is an experiment in independent, community-led journalism so if it is going to succeed it’s going to need your help. Join us at to sign up to learn more about our mission and follow us on Twitter @BecauseMiami.

It shouldn’t be the responsibility of a satire website to try to save our mainstream journalistic institutions, but that’s the world we live in…Because Miami.