Antoine Jackson, a 17-year-old African American honors student, was shot by police Thursday night just for even thinking about eating another human’s face.

The incident occurred as the teenager was walking home from a neighborhood park with friends. The group began to discuss the recent news that a 19-year old Florida man was arrested after he was found cannibalizing the face of a man that he stabbed to death.

“We were just walking home from the park and my buddy Tiki mentioned that the police didn’the use deadly force to stop the kid from continuing to eat that dude’s face. The last thing I remember is saying rhetorically that “I wonder what would happen if the police found me eating someone’s face” and all of a sudden I felt a tremendous amount of pain. I later found out I had been shot.”

Mr. Jackson was shot by Officer Jon McNaughton who wrote in an incident report that he had overheard the teenager’s conversation and had determined Mr. Jackson’s rhetorical question to constitute a terroristic threat warranting the use of deadly force.

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