On Thursday morning, Kendall resident Roberto Medina inconsiderately arrived to a 10 a.m. business meeting with Jorge Lazaro on time, leaving Lazaro with more than an hour to kill before his next appointment.

Lazaro, an architect, had arranged a brief meeting with Medina to go over the latest design plans for a vape shop Abbot is opening in South Miami in what is now the Big Cheese. Lazaro, who has worked with Medina in the past, had prepared for him to be typically late.

“Roberto is always late. He never plans ahead for traffic or for finding a parking space and usually doesn’t even leave his office until when we are supposed to be meeting,” Lazaro explained.

The two decided to meet at Pasión del Cielo in Coral Gables, which Lazaro expected would take no more than 15 minutes but nevertheless blocked off a full hour from his busy schedule to accommodate MEdina’s usual tardiness. When Abbott arrived a few minutes early to the meeting Lazaro was flabbergasted.

“Usually I get a series of texts from Roberto telling me that he is ‘ten minutes away’ before he strolls in at least 40 minutes late like nothing happened. But this time that jerk was there on time. He didn’t even waste time getting a coffee. He brought his own travel mug from home!”

When their meeting concluded at 10:15 a.m., Lazaro was left unsure of what to do with himself until he needed to leave for a noon meeting in Miramar.

“I only had 14% battery, so I just ended up sitting in the coffee shop for 45 minutes with nothing to do except think about why my wife has been spending so much time with her “work friend” Dan,” the frustrated architect explained. “That jerk’s promptness really ruined my day.”

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