Co-Worker Won’t Stop Talking About That One God-Damn Time He Was an Extra on Burn Notice

Co-Worker Won’t Stop Talking About That One God-Damn Time He Was an Extra on Burn Notice

Carlos Denton, a 33-year-old data analyst with Pricewaterhouse Cooper, won’t stop going on about that one god-damn time he was an extra on Burn Notice.

“He finds some way to bring it up at least once a month,” said office manager Angela Stevenson, “I mean, I just don’t understand why he keeps talking about it. It happened like six-years ago and you can’t even see his face on the screen.”

The scene, which was shot at CocoWalk in July of 2010, involved the show’s main characters Michael Westen and Fiona Glenanne enjoying drinks and discussing how to best expose a drug cartel operating out of Westchester.

“The scene was integral to the show’s overall development as it both established a strong professional bond between Michael and Fiona while also interjecting a palpable undercurrent of sexual tension between them” recalled Mr. Denton.

When asked how he landed the role, Mr. Denton told reporters that he saw the ad posted on Craigslist and then went on for more than twenty minutes about how god-damn great the on-set catering was.

“Being involved in the making of a major television show really makes you appreciate the level of talent and commitment it takes to make such high-quality art,” Mr. Denton added without shame. He then pulled out his cell phone and played this reporter the entire four-minute scene in which the back of what Mr. Denton claims is his head can be briefly seen in the background as the main characters conversed.

“It’s a little out of focused, but we were losing light and had to wrap.” He then proceeded to show this reporter dozens of on-the-set photos, including a photo with Jeffrey Donovan, the show’s star, whom Mr. Denton described as “a real class-act.”

“Carlos is a nice enough guy, but if I hear him talk about Burn Notice one more time I’m going to lose my fucking mind,” said Ms. Stevenson. When asked to respond, Mr. Denton scoffed and noted that such unprofessional behavior would never have happened on the set of Burn Notice.