Australian billionaire and bond villain, Craig Wright, stood by his claim that he is Mark Zuckerberg, the pseudonymous creator of Facebook.

“I remember first hearing about Facebook in 2004, when I invented it,” said Craig shortly before filing a lawsuit against me based on this article.

Mr. Wright’s claim came as a shock to many, including the real Mark Zuckerberg, who said that he always believed himself to be Mark Zuckerberg, but was open to evidence that his memories of growing up and inventing Facebook were implanted. At the time of this publication, Mr. Wright has not put forth any proof that he was, indeed, the real Mark Zuckerberg.

The reveal that Craigh Wright is actually Mark Zuckerberg came on the heels of Facebook’s announcement that it would unveil a centralized “cryptocurrency” called Libra in 2020. In a press release, Mr. Wright announced that he had also invented the not-yet-released Libra cryptocurrency, but disagreed with its implementation. He plans to fork the Libra coin shortly after its release into a new coin called “Libra MZV“, which he says will stand for “Libra Mark Zuckerberg’s Vision.”

“I don’t get it, who the hell is Craig Wright?” said every one of the Plantain’s readers except my buddy Dainel.

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