Homestead Man Vows to Clean His Zika-Infested Swimming Pool Someday

Homestead Man Vows to Clean His Zika-Infested Swimming Pool Someday

After numerous scowls from his wife, Homestead air conditioning technician Austin Carter vowed to “someday really soon” clean his black, algae-filled swimming pool that reports suggest is a popular swing spot for Zika virus-carrying mosquitoes.

Mr. Carter, 46, who told a Miami-Dade mosquito control officer that he’s been “super busy with life stuff,” says he’ll probably start cleaning the pool this weekend, but if not, then most definitely next weekend if it’s not raining or too hot.

Seth Werksman, a 9-hour-old local mosquito whose buddies recently high-fived him for giving a nearly lethal case of Zika to a local 12-year-old, said people should take it easy on Carter.

“Austin is such a kind, hospitable man,” said the mosquito, perched atop a dead, floating palm frond. “Not to mention his blood has this delicious blend of Coors Light and hints of locally grown avocado.”

UPDATE : After weeks of asking her husband to clean the pool, Mr. Carter’s wife Evangeline, reportedly frustrated by her husband’s failure to even minimally participate in the management of their household, has taken it upon herself to clean the diseased mosquitoes from their pool.

“I had a few minutes to spare between taking care of the kids, working a full time job, cleaning the house and preparing dinner, so I just decided to do it myself,” said Mrs. Carter as she longed for her college boyfriend Geoff and wondered if he would have given her such trouble about completing a simple household task.

[Photo: Daniel Doyle]