On the eve of the RNC’s nominating convention, Donald Trump has picked Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate. This confirms a long anticipated theory that Mr. Trump’a campaign is making a conscious effort to veer even further away from the center of American politics in order to excite the party’s core southern and midwestern constituents. Leaked documents reveal the campaign’s new strategy will include the adoption of a hardline anti-LGBT platform as well as the casual introduction of the “N-Word” into campaign rhetoric.

The Plantain spoke to Vice Presidential candidate Pence–a controversial politician who pushed through numerous LGBT discrimination laws in Indiana
–about his decision to join the ticket:

“I’m really excited to join the campaign and look forward to helping President Trump take away basic human rights for a whole heck-of-a-lot of people,” said the Hoosier as he held a “God Hates Fags” placard.

Governor Pence’s selection, and the campaign’s strategy to “drop the n-bomb”, is the culmination of a months-long effort by Mr. Trump to go “full racist.”

An internal memorandum from the Trump campaign noted that due to Mr. Trump’s low favorability ratings among minorities and women, he would need 65% of all straight white male electors to vote for him in November to win the election. The memorandum states that the campaign’s “polls suggest that in order to sufficiently energize Mr. Trump’s core constituency of older white male voters Mr. Trump needs to go “full racist”, including but not limited to, the occasional use of the “N-Word”.

“Trump needs to change the narrative away from his reputation as a temperamental con-artist unfit to lead our nation, while at the same time making sure his supporters are invigorated enough to fight for him come November,” said Trump political advisor Bradford Penniston. “The campaign believes the best way to accomplish both goals is for Mr. Trump to start casually using the N-Word now and then.”

Although a controversial strategy, University of Miami political science professor James Michael Tomlinson believes Trump’s strategy may be an effective way for him to turn the media’s attention away from questions regarding Mr. Trump’s intellect, character, and temperament.

“If Trump uses the N-Word the press will have no choice but to analyze whether it is appropriate for an old, white, billionaire to use the N-word. The national conversation will necessarily shift away from whether or not Donald Trump orchestrated a multi-million dollar fraud through Trump University and toward the merits of Mr. Trump’s use of the word,” said Professor Tomlinson. “That changing narrative will play very, very well to his base of white voters angered by today’s “P.C. culture” and may even cut into coverage of the Democratic convention the following week.

During an interview with Fox News on Thursday night, Mr. Trump defended his strategy, saying on live television that the “use of the word [N-word] is not racist,” before insisting that “[N-words] love me” and guaranteeing that he will “do very very well with the black community come November.”

In a statement immediately following these statements, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said Mr. Trump’s remarks were a “textbook definition of a racist comment” and advised his party’s nominee to tone-down his divisive rhetoric in order to keep with the Republican party’s long tradition of espousing coded, but never overt, racist dialog.

“Mr. Trump is new to politics and needs to learn that you never ever go “full-racist,” said Mr. Ryan who is still endorsing Mr. Trump.

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