Martin Alvarez and his 8-year-old son were involved in a minor traffic accident Tuesday night at the intersection of NW 87th Avenue and NW 58th Street when Thelma Mendez, a 42-year-old office assistant from Doral, rear-ended Mr. Alvarez’s Mitsubishi Galant while texting her husband “what do u wnt 4 diner?” Following the accident, Mr. Alvarez exited his vehicle in order to inspect the damage. As he approached Ms. Mendez’s leased Mercedes-Benz S-Class to make sure she was not hurt, the mother-of-three rolled down her window to launch an expletive riddled tirade at Mr. Alvarez, blaming him for being a “pinche idiota” that “did not pay enough attention.”

“I didn’t understand why she was so angry at me”, Mr. Alvarez told reporters. “I was stopped at a red light when she hit me and there was no damage to either car. My son was really worried that she was going to become violent.” Ms. Mendez could not be immediately reached for comment as she was driving home, but responded via text:

“i hit some car bt no damag. Picked up chickn kitchen, will b home soon.”

“srry wrong message. No comment”

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