Angry South Florida driver Lawrence Feinman reached his breaking point Thursday morning when during rush hour traffic he crashed his leased Toyota Camry into a tree on US1, causing even worse traffic delays. The accident was reportedly caused when the 51-year-old man lost control of his car while tweeting the following message to his 48 followers:

Mr. Feinman’s northbound drive from his Pinecrest home was already at a near standstill due to three Miami-Dade County service vehicles that forced traffic to divert from the far left lane in order to prune trees in the middle of morning rush hour. Already red in the face and late to a 9:30 am work meeting, Mr. Feinman turned on the easy listening radio station to calm his nerves, but found the soft 80’s rock did nothing to calm Mr. Feinman’s agitated state and in fact made him more angry.

By 9:50 am, Mr. Feinman had begun cursing to himself and wishing harm on those around him. After ignoring multiple calls and texts from Brett, his work supervisor who is 6-years younger than him, the self-proclaimed social-media-influencer decided to “make the city pay for it” by starting what he called “a twitter storm that Miami could never recover from.”

The impact of Mr. Feinman’s tweetstorm, which he dubbed “Twitter Storm Larry”, was short lived due primarily to Mr. Feinman’s relatively small social media following. Following his third consecutive unoriginal tweet complaining about traffic, Miami-Dade County’s tree-service workers, and that jerk in the Porsche next to him, the social-media-nobody lost control of his car and crashed into a tree. The accident caused two southbound lanes on US1 to be blocked by emergency service vehicles and even further backed up the northbound lane as four-additional Miami-Dade County tree service vehicles were forced to the scene to assist in clearing the fallen tree.

As emergency service workers assisted Mr. Feinman out of his vehicle, he reportedly asked the firefighters and EMS workers attending to him to “follow him on twitter”, telling them that they wouldn’t regret it. Paramedic Norman Babo agreed to exchange follows with Mr. Feinman, which Mr. Feinman was initially excited about but later regretted when Mr. Babo sent out pictures of Mr. Feinman, the accident, and the massive traffic jam he caused to his 22,000 followers with the hashtag #TwitterStormLarry.

By Juan Tauber

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