After several days of avoiding contact with everyone he knows, 28-Year-Old office worker Daniel Ireland has accepted the fact that he too will soon get sick. “It’s just going to happen,” said Mr. Ireland who is already feeling a bit sluggish. “I might as well get it over with,” he conceded as he greeted his feverish wife who he had been avoiding for several days, leaving her to take care of herself.

“Babe, can you make me some hot tea?” Daniel sheepishly asked his wife after coming home from what he said was a late night at work when he was really out with Kevin and Dave to set their Fantasy Football lineups. As his wife dutifully walked into the kitchen Daniel took her seat on the couch and pushed the collection of used tissues that had accumulated over the last few days onto the floor for her to clean up later.

As he settled into the couch and awaited his warm beverage he regretted sharing those loaded nachos with Kevin and Dave at Buffalo Wild Wings since he noticed both of them were sniffling and knows neither washes their hands regularly.

“Hey babe, can you put some honey in my tea?” Daniel called to his wife. “Sure,” she said in a horsed voice. “There’s also plenty of soup if you want any,” she added, referring to the chicken noodle soup she made for herself last night .

“What did I do to deserve this?” both Daniel and his wife sighed silently to themselves from different rooms, each concealing a very different meaning.

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