Thousands flocked to Marlins Stadium tonight to see Beyonce perform. But not everyone at the sold-out show was pleased to see the 34-year-old superstar come to town. A small group of protestors from the Florida Orange Council protested the event, upset that the singer named her latest album Lemonade, and not Orange Juice, a drink the Orange Council claims is far more tasty and nutritious than Lemonade.

Dave Walcott, the Orange Council’s president, marched outside the event with a sign that said “Lemonade Made Me Sour!” The 48-year-old Homestead resident told reporters that “since the release of her Lemonade album, sales of lemons have increased by over 6000%! Meanwhile, orange sales are down 60%. Beyonce is single handedly destroying the lives of thousands of Florida orange growers. And what’s worse is she is coming to Florida right after releasing that wretched album and rubbing it in our faces.”

Although the protest was peaceful for most of the night, things did get tense when Mr. Walcott threw a large Orange at the singer, causing fans to boo believing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had stormed the stage. Fortunately for Mr. Walcott, he was not arrested because the Miami police union actually boycotted the concert because of Beyonce’s controversial opinion that black people should not be indiscriminately shot in the street.

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