The Plantain has learned that on August 1st, 2019, senior editors at the Miami Herald had an hourslong meeting about whether to call shit “poop”, “caca”, “feces”, “doodie”, “mud pies”, or “turds” in a headline published the following day.

After intense debate and several internal conferences with in-house legal counsel, the Herald decided on “poop.”

The debate was instigated by an article by Herald reporter Martin Vassolo about elevated fecal levels found at Crandon Park. Mr. Vassolo originally suggested referring to the shit found in Miami’s water as “feces” but was told by his editor that “doodie” might be a better option.

The internal debate reportedly took hours and was not settled until the Herald’s editor, Aminda Marqués González, made the executive decision that “poop” was the funniest, and therefore best, option.

“We knew we couldn’t say “shit” right off the bat, and decided early on that “mud pie”, “turd” and “caca” was too New Times-ish, if you know what I mean,” said Ms. González. “We strongly considered “feces”, but we didn’t know if all of our readers would know that feces are shits. So it really came down to “doodie” and “poop” and I just sort of felt “poop” in my gut, you know.”

The Miami Herald won a 2017 Pulitzer Prize for its reporting on The Panama Papers and Nicholas Nehamas won’t let anyone forget about it!

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