The Knight Foundation announced a list of recipient organizations to receive upwards of $37 million in funding for arts programs. Included in the free money are well-deserved grants of $1.5M to O Cinema, $1.25M to the Borscht Film Festival, and a $40 gift card to Pinecrest Bakery for The Plantain that can be used any day except weekends.We are tremendously honored to receive this gift,” said me, the Plantain’s editor, Milo, in between meetings at his real job. “This is exactly the type of community support our organization needs to survive.”
The Plantain plans to use the funds to purchase an assortment of croquettas and finely pressed sandwiches to be enjoyed by the organization’s hungry staff of fake journalists.
When asking myself why The Plantain was not given more money, the Editor rationalized that it likely has to do with the political nature of the Knight Foundation, our outsider status among Miami’s elite, and the fact that I legit forgot to submit an application.
Congratulations Kareem.

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