The Knight Foundation, the private non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting journalism, communities, and the arts, announced its candidacy for Mayor of Miami-Dade County Friday in front of Versailles Restaurant.

The 68-year-old non-profit is the third candidate to throw its hat into the race, joining incumbent Mayor Carlos Gimenez and Raquel Regalado, a school-board member and daughter of City of Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado. “I’ve always wanted to run for office, but being a non-profit corporation, I was unfairly prevented from running. As I am now technically a “person” under State and Federal law, I think it’s time for me to lead in an official capacity,” said the Foundation.

Speaking to reporters, the Foundation touted its long history of service to the community. When asked to comment on the viability of its candidacy, the Foundation recognized that winning would be an uphill battle considering it only had a $2.4 billion dollar endowment, an amount significantly lower than that already raised by Mayor Gimenez for his re-election campaign. “I hope 2.4 billion dollar is enough to compete with the Mayor’s aggressive fundraising,” the Foundation remarked.

The Knight Foundation is headquartered in Downtown Miami and running on a platform of education, technical innovation, art, and leveraging Miami Program Directors Matt and Patrick Haggman’s ability to multi-task.

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