“I’m glad I get to finally do my part,” said 24-year-old Javier Donner as he arrived to Government Center Wednesday afternoon to cast his ballot for failed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. “What do you mean the vote was yesterday? Fuuucccckk bro — can I still have a sticker?” said Mr. Donner to Supervisor of Elections Christina White, who gave the Miami-Dade College student a sticker that he immediately placed on his shirt and took a selfie of him gazing off camera with a caption that said “Doing My Part.”Ms. White estimates that more than 100,000 voters have attempted to place votes for Democratic candidates in the hours since the polls closed. “Many have arrived to polling places claiming they overslept or that their grandma died, some even with notes from their parents asking us to ‘be cool’ and make an exception. Others have tweeted a #BringitHome or #Gillum2018 to the Dade County Elections Twitter account in the mistaken belief that we would count their vote. It got me thinking, we should do what we can to accommodate these lazy children.”
Accordingly, Miami-Dade has decided to join other liberal leaning counties across Florida to implement an extra week of “late voting” in the hopes that “people will take all of this really REALLY seriously this time, for Christ sake.”
The Plantain interviewed several young people, including 21-year-old aspiring realtor Maurice Delmonico, about whether they were more likely to vote now that they have a few more days and know the outcome of the election.
“Yeah, for sure I’ll vote now. Gotta do my part,” said Mr. Delmonico, who didn’t end up voting during late voting anyway.

Ron Desantis is your governor.
Rick Scott is your Senator.
Donald Trump is your President

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