Leaked Emails Reveal Clinton Stole Democratic Nomination By Conspiring To Get More Votes

Leaked Emails Reveal Clinton Stole Democratic Nomination By Conspiring To Get More Votes

Leaked Democratic National Committee emails reveal Hillary Clinton was able to steal the Democratic Party’s nomination from Bernie Sanders by conspiring with organizers, supporters, and volunteers to get more people to vote for her over Senator Sanders.

Among the thousands of stolen DNC documents released by Wikileaks on Friday are a handful of emails from high-ranking DNC members that deride or are critical of Senator Sanders, as well the complete list of vote and delegate totals that Hillary Clinton amassed throughout the course of the election juxtaposed next to the smaller totals earned by her rival.

For many diehard Bernie Sanders supporters, the revelation that Hillary Clinton was privately supported by several DNC officials calls into question the validity of the entire Democratic primary, which saw Hillary Clinton win 3.7 million more popular votes and 359 more delegates than Senator Sanders.

One particularly damning document outlines the results of Clinton’s effort to gain more votes than Senator Sanders:

DNC Vote Doc

“Everyone knew all along that this race would be rigged so the candidate with the most votes won,” said 22-year-old Bernie Sanders supporter Jeremy Lee Brody. “These documents prove the election was a farce,” said the University of Miami senior who forgot to register to vote in time for Florida’s March primary.

When asked specifically why the leaked emails, which do not document any adverse action taken against Senator Sanders by the DNC, caused him question the results of primary, Mr. Brody replied that “everyone knows Hillary Clinton is an untrustworthy old bitch who doesn’t share values with real progressives like me.” The feminist studies major/lacrosse player added, “It’s typical that the establishment would start using vote totals to keep Sanders out of the White House as soon as they saw he was getting fewer votes.”