Mexican restaurant Lime ran out of limes Wednesday evening, officially disqualifying the fledgling chain from the Burrito Wars.With Lime out of the running, Las Vegas odds makers have given Chipotle a 92% chance of winning the Lifshitz Burrito Bowl, a title given to the nation’s best burrito [Note: burrito bowls are not qualified for the Lifshitz Burrito Bowl].
But not everyone is a fan of Chipotle’s delicious food and rude staff.
“Moe’s is better. I feel like we can’t go one month without hearing about some E. coli outbreak at Chipotle. That alone is a deal breaker,” said an online poster to widespread jeers by Chipotle fans who are frankly willing to risk a bit of diarrhea now and again for the chain’s scrumptious burritos. “I’d rather have Chipotle with E. Coli than Moe’s without it,” said the author of this article right now.
“Hey, what about Qdoba? Is that an option?” said another person online, who was ignored.

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