The City of Miami unveiled a new flag for its historic Little Havana neighborhood that consists of a large cock atop melted Cuban and American flags while surrounded by 20 other flags. What?Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo, who has lived all of his adult life in a multimillion-dollar Coconut Grove home far from Calle Ocho, designed the flag himself. For real?
Carollo said he worked with the flag’s artist to carefully craft a banner that is inclusive and that prominently displays the American and Cuban flags. That thing?
There is even an English language copy of Carollo’s flag design which most people likened to an overly busy poster designed by someone who would believe that graphic design is my passion. Wow

Four of the five Miami Commissioners appeared on stage to reveal the flag alongside Miami-Dade County’s Mayor who appeared with the City of Miami’s Mayor even though the two men are bitter political enemies. So it is real?
The City of Miami’s official social media promoted the flag unveiling event in a tweet which promptly got ratioed heavily by a mix of local residents bemoaning Carollo’s design and hardcore communists promoting Fidel Castro. I don’t want to live in this world anymore.
“How apropos.” Local film director and ignored voice of reason Billy Corben tweeted: “Miami politics is just a big dumb crooked cockfight.” You think he’ll retweet us? I need a few bucks.

By Grant Sterns

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