With the electronic dance music world congregating in Miami this weekend for the annual Ultra Music Festival, local father Daniel Thorton is adamant that his 19-year-old daughter Amber not attend. Mr. Thorton, an executive with TotalBank who recently moved into a waterfront condominium on Brickell Key following an acrimonious divorce with Amber’s mother, told reporters that the festival is “far too wild a place” for his adult daughter to attend. “I’ve heard of the rampant drug use at the festival and it is frankly the type of place that I need to protect Amber from until she is old enough to make responsible decisions on her own.”

When asked if Amber’s mother agreed with his decision, Mr. Thorton said that she did not, but noted that Meghan Todwell, Mr. Thorton’s 26-year-old live-in girlfriend and Amber’s former au pair, supported his decision. “Amber’s mother needs to learn how to be a parent. She seems more interested in being Amber’s friend than with disciplining our daughter or instilling positive values on her,” said Mr. Thorton, who sees Amber for brunch on most Sundays and dinner on alternating holidays. When asked to respond to Mr. Thorton’s critiques, Amber’s mother would only comment that she “trusts Amber and her ability to make decisions for herself.”

Amber, who lives in her mother’s Pinecrest home, insisted that she would still attend the festival this weekend despite her father’s opposition, noting that the tickets and outfit she purchased, which includes a blue synthetic dreadlock wig and several dayglo pacifiers, were nonrefundable. “I’ll just go and not tell my dad,” the FIU sophomore majoring in hospitality said. “I just need to make sure I avoid Meghan when I’m there so she doesn’t rat me out. That bitch.”

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