Man Comes To Terms With His Own Mortality During Weezer Concert

Man Comes To Terms With His Own Mortality During Weezer Concert

On Friday evening, Weezer took the stage at the West Palm Beach Amphitheater to play a collection of hits and remind longtime fans in the audience that the passage of time stops for no one and that they too will someday die.

“I wasn’t expecting to have such a strong reaction to the show,” said 32-year-old attorney and longtime Weezer fan Jason Ireland, “but as I watched the band play through “The Sweater Song” and “Say it Ain’t So” for what must be the 100,000th time, I realized that every aspect of my youth was over and that I would eventually cease to exist.”

“I first saw Weezer at this very venue in 2002. As I was watching the band last night I realized it's been 16 years since that show. That's such a long, man. I couldn't help wonder how much longer it would be until my mother dies. I mean, she isn't sick or anything, but time just passes so quickly. Weezer taught me that.”

When asked to comment on the actual performance, Mr. Ireland reported that the band was "solid" and "looked like they were having fun on stage," but noted that in 2002 he remembers the band creating a level of excitement in him that just didn't compare to last night's performance.

“Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to be there. But 16 years ago I was frenetic with excited energy. I remember running around the pit and being covered in other peoples' sweat. By the end of that night, I didn't even have any voice left to tell my mom about the show when she picked me up. As I casually sang along to Undone last night I knew that my happiest days were over. I will never be teenager at a concert happy again, and I guess I just need to learn to accept that.”

Speaking to the Plantain following the show, Weezer’s lead singer Rivers Cuomo said that Mr. Ireland’s reaction is a common one among Weezer’s older fans. “We all have to just accept that our time is finite and nothing lasts forever,” said the 48-year-old singer who will be singing songs about high school girls not liking him all summer with 80's alt-rock icons Pixies.