It’s hard to tell when Miami got officially hooked on this year’s telenovela lineup.Maybe it was when beloved everywoman Raquelita left the set of Junta de Educación for her character’s spin-off in La Mujer Jefe, only to see it cancelled after the pilot episode last November. Word at the Presidente check-out aisle is that she’s hoping for a major comeback on Univision in the next 2-4 seasons.
Or it could have been the shake up at Las Amas de Casa de la Ciudad de Miami, when newcomer Zoraida took on an army of suitors in a bid to expand the Barreiro family business beyond her husband Bruno’s struggling ranch. I’m sure none of us saw that coming, since we were all tuned into ABC during the competing timeslot to see if Teresa had a chance of saving the family estate in its series finale of the original English language version of Las Amas de Casa…, the embattled dynastic drama So On and Sarnoff.
Perhaps it was when Don Xavier’s opportunistic son Francis chose to keep the torch burning from La Familia Suárez in this fall’s opener of Comisario No Más– which hopes to attract viewership during the intense duel to the death on the first episode of Suarez y Suárez de Distrito Tres. The competing shows promise to be tough opponents, as riveted audiences wait to see whether Danny Suarez and José Suárez are actually long lost brothers, if not the same person altogether.
And we were all glued to our daytime tv when the bombshell hit mid-season at Los Hermanos Carollos when Frank didn’t endorse his older brother Joe’s bid to become the household patriarch. No word yet on the outcome of their sibling rivalry, but audiences are speculating that it could be a result of a love triangle with the mysterious Olidia “Lee”, who’s been on and off the show all season.
Really, we all got officially hooked last week on El Alcalde Mayor when Papa Tomas broke the ratings meter with the surprise reveal of his estranged son, Tommy, who’s lining up to inherit the family fortune with some good old fashioned entry-level work. The reveal upended all telenovela tropes with a groundbreaking series crossover guest starring his sister Raquelita, who had the time for a viewership boosting set visit while she is on break until at least 2019.
By Bradford J. Treacle

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