Following an incident last month in which a Miami Police officer accosted an African American doctor outside his home for no reason, the Miami Police promise to make significant changes in their department.

Dr. Armen Henderson, a physician recently profiled for his efforts to test and care for South Florida’s homeless population during the Coronavirus pandemic, was unloading his van when he was approached and handcuffed by a Miami Police Officer. The Officer approached Dr. Henderson with a vague claim of reports of “suspicious activity” in the neighborhood and detained him. The officer was not wearing a mask during his interaction with Dr. Henderson.

“In a pandemic, everyone should wear masks,” Dr. Henderson said. “You should keep your distance between people, especially and limit your interactions. I was taking tents out of my car, why was that even a reason to stop and talk to me?.

The Plantain contacted a spokesperson for the Miami Police Department who told us bluntly that “no cops did nothin’ wrong.” When I mentioned I hadn’t told him what I was calling about yet, the spokesperson apologized, allowed me to ask about his officer harassing Dr. Henderson in the middle of a pandemic for no reason, then responded, “no cops did nothin’ wrong” before calling me a faggot and hanging up.

Following widespread outrage about the incident, the Miami Police issued an additional statement that “even though no cops did nothin’ wrong, we have updated our internal protocols to require all our officers to wear masks when interacting with…oh jeez, how should I say this…can’t say black any more thanks to the liberal media, ah, I got it…with persons reasonably believed in the officer’s sole discretion to be subject to the type of harassment that could go viral.”

When asked why a racist officer’s anonymity should be protected, the spokesperson said: “Officer safety is our most important task.” When asked about the safety of Miami’s residents and how the police would make sure its officers do not continue to harass people of color, the spokesperson put on a mask and threatened to detain me if I didn’t stop asking “stupid fucking questions.”

Update: An internal investigations by the Miami police department concluded that “no officer did nothing wrong.”