Mount Sinai Rebrands as "EL Palacio De Los Judios" in effort to appeal to Jew-Ban Population

Mount Sinai Rebrands as "EL Palacio De Los Judios" in effort to appeal to Jew-Ban Population

MIAMI BEACH, July 10, 2018, / — Mount Sinai Medical Center has changed its name to El Palacio De Los Judios, a rebranded shopping experience in the Miami Beach market designed to provide enhanced, personalized service to the local Hispanic community. El Palacio De Los Judios will have a new format, which includes completely bilingual signage and staff, the addition of more than 1,500 trusted Hispanic health service products, such as “VIVAPORU” (Vick’s Vapor Rub), more competitive pricing on hundreds of products, and massive Medicare/Medicaid fraud.”Bringing El Palacio De Los Judios was a natural next step as part of our goal to better meet the unique needs of our local Hispanic customers,” said Shlomo Casillas, Vice President of El Palacio De Los Judios. “El Palacio De Los Judios is designed to become a one-stop shop for local Hispanic residents to conveniently receive best-in-class services, as well as customized products and services, in an environment that feels like back on the island.”

Unique Features to Palacio De Los Judios includes: Bilingual Customer Service: Fully bilingual associates and signage throughout the store Coco Frio: A coconut with a straw in it. New Products: More than 1,500 NEW products throughout the hospital, including many of the most popular Hispanic brands in categories like San Lazaro Candles, Pilon, and Bustelo coffee, and Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder.

New Café Counter: A new Café Counter, staffed with trained “Ventanaistas”, featuring the only cafe you need, Café Cubano. Expanded Services: Bill payments, envios a Cuba, and Florida lottery. “With El Palacio De Los Judios, we did more than just add Spanish signs to our walls. We took a strategic look to truly understand what the Hispanic consumer wanted in a Hospital and how we could fulfill some of their unmet needs,” said Horacio Steinberg, Chief of Hispanic Consumer Growth at El Palacio De Los Judios. “We understand that our Hispanic customers are looking for a more personalized experience where they can have great health care and sit idly talking about Cuba for 4 hours.”

El Palacio De Los Judios will also continue to offer Mount Sinai’s unique clinical offerings and innovative online and mobile tools to help patients manage their prescriptions whenever and wherever they decide to smuggle prescriptions to their island relatives.

To celebrate the launch of Palacio De Los Judios a grand opening event will be held today at LA ERMITA DE LA CARIDAD located at 3609 South Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33133