Higher Wages Now!, a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit is hiring an experienced executive director to oversee a diverse team of unpaid volunteers fighting for higher wages. The job pays $32,000 a year and has no benefits.

“We’re looking for the type of person that is dedicated to improving the rights and wages of workers,” said the group’s billionaire founder Kenneth T. Streicher, who started the organization in 2017 as a way of raising his profile. “It’s going to be a lot of hard work and a lot of long nights, but I know the right person is out there.”

Wait, didn’t Florida voters just pass a constitutional amendment raising the minimum wage to $15/hr? They sure did! Unfortunately, it’s a six year (under-construction) on-ramp until 2026 to get there, meaning Floridians can blissfully enjoy the next six years of screwed out of fair wages before getting paid way less than what it costs to actually live there.

Mr. Streicher says that the job provides lots of “invaluable experience” that may help his employee secure a livable wage in the future. He also notes that although they do not offer healthcare, the position does come with several coupons for 1/2 off a deep cleaning for Mr. Streicher’s brother-in-law’s dental practice. “We are looking for someone dedicated to the cause of obtaining higher wages, not someone who is only interested in the money.”

Duties include overseeing a large team of unpaid interns in formulating an executive strategy and multimedia communication campaign, organizing a national outreach effort to ensure that every worker has access to a living wage and healthcare, and spending all of your time reaching out to your own personal network trying to fundraise for the organization. “The way our country’s workers are treated is disgusting,” said Mr. Streicher, noting that pay and benefit disparity is especially egregious for young, female, or minority workers.

Higher Wage Now! is an equal opportunity employer and will give special consideration to young, female, and minority candidates. “We think it’s so important for this movement to be led by those most impacted by systemic disparity,” said Mr. Streicher without irony.

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