Thousands of fedora wearing locals are voicing their disappointment after one of the Points failed to show up to last night’s Three Points Festival in Wynwood.”This is bullshit! I paid for Three Points, not two!” said a muscular Cuban man in a newly purchased too-tight Gorrilaz t-shirt. “Two points is just a line. Who wants a line?” said the man as he waited in a line for the portable toilets where he did a line of coke off of his hand. “They better give me a third of my money back. I paid for a plane, not a line!”
The Plantain spoke to the Two Points who showed up, who were adamant that the crowd didn’t miss the third point. “That point isn’t Lauryn Hill. That point isn’t integral to the group. People didn’t miss the point!” said the point, itself completely missing the point. “It’s not like the whole night was pointless!”
When asked for comment as to why she did not show up to the festival, the Third Point told the Plantain that she had tried to get to the venue but left after circling the block for like 20 minutes trying to find parking. “I’m not going to pay 30 dollars to park at my own festival,” she added.

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