Several hours into their argument, Samuel and Deborah Welsh paused briefly for a snack and to work through exactly why they had started to fight in the first place, which neither could remember.

“I don’t know what it was, but you were probably rude and not taking my feelings seriously,” said Deborah. “No, I think you probably just overreacted to whatever thing I did, which was meant to be a joke, I’m sure,” replied Samuel as he took a bite of a Girl Scout cookie. “These are so good,” he told his wife of 10-years. “I know. They’re amazing,” she said as she took a cookie for herself. “But you’re still wrong,” she reminded him, noting again that he “always does this sort of thing.”

“Don’t say always,” Samuel responded, asking his wife to give him another specific example of a time he did something like whatever it was they were fighting about now, which he just couldn’t for the life of him remember.

“Well I don’t remember, but it is something you do all the time, probably, you can’t deny that!” Deborah said, realizing the two had pretty much tuckered themselves out from arguing and that both just wanted to watch some T.V. with each other before bed.

“Well, just don’t do it again,” said Deborah, vaguely.

“I probably won’t,” replied Samuel, knowing he probably would.

“Fine,” they both said in unison as they sunk into the couch with the Girl Scout cookies and then spent the next 45 minutes scrolling through Netflix, during which time Deborah fell asleep. After realizing his wife had passed out, Samuel gave up trying to find anything good on and just put on an old episode of Friends.

As he sat there watching the television with his wife’s head resting on his shoulder he suddenly remembered why the two had started to fight several hours earlier, quietly realized he was definitely at fault, and kissed his wife’s forehead, hoping she would continue not to remember the origins of the fight the next morning or get mad at him for trivializing the argument in this stupid article.



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