Peacock Ring Busted For Fraud

Peacock Ring Busted For Fraud

An ostentation of peacocks have been arrested in Coconut Grove for orchestrating a fraud ring that has scammed local residents out of millions.

According to he City of Miami Police Sergeant Emanuel Goodman, the gang of peacocks, known locally as “The Cock Ring”, would jump in front of drivers texting from luxury vehicles on Old Cutler Road, feign injuries, and agree to “settle” out of court for amounts upwards of $7,000. “The peacocks have been running the scam for several years, and would successfully target dozens of vehicles every day.”

The scheme was orchestrated by 4-year-old peacock and life-long Grove resident George Abromowitz, who issued the following statement, over and over, at the top of his bird lungs, at his arraignment this morning:


Trial is set for May.