The Plantain (PLNTN) announced in a post you’re reading right now that due to financial pressures it has been forced to fire Daniel, it’s entire staff. Sources expect Daniel learned of his termination in the previous sentence. Also, this isn’t a joke. We can’t afford you anymore. We wish there was a better way of letting you know.The Plantain, LLC. was founded in 1977 by Jeffrey and Marisol Plantain, two plantains. Originally intended as an industry publication for the emerging coke trade, it pivoted to hard news in the late aughts, mostly on a dare. In 2017 it was purchased by Some Corporation Acquiring Media, Inc. for approximately $90 million in something called “McClatchy Coin”, which is now essentially worthless.
“Daniel was a nice guy, I guess. But he really should have seen this coming,” said the Plantain in this statement.

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