Ripple Market Cap Surpasses United States GDP

Ripple Market Cap Surpasses United States GDP

The market cap for Ripple’s XRP token exceeded the total gross domestic product of the United States this weekend, with still “plenty of room for more growth,” says its founders.In recent weeks investors have taken a liking to Ripple. “It is a great investment because it is deflationary. There can only be a maximum of 100 billion Ripples ever produced, and only 40 billion of those are held by the founders, so the scarcity of the product is really driving up the price,” said a sixteen year old in a Lambo.

With Ripple’s recent price increases, its founders have become among the world’s richest people. Their wealth now surpasses Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Jesus Christ himself, Roger Ver.

While many insiders have criticized the astounding value the crypto market has placed on Ripple, a centralized payment system that doesn’t appear to actually do anything, others are confident in its long term outlook.

“This price action is perfectly normal and not indicative of a bubble. I think the price increase is due to Ripple’s amazing technology and its numerous banking partners,” said an anonymous poster on Reddit who, like the supposed banking partners could not be identified or reached for comment.

By Satoshi Nakamota
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