The minister of a small Baltimore church is defending his decision to deny White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders entrance to Sunday services. The made-up story comes only days after Ms. Huckabee Sanders really was kicked out of a restaurant due to her affiliation with President Trump and his administration’s decision to [fill your own atrocity!].”The Christian religion has certain standards that it has to uphold, such as honesty, compassion, cooperation, not being so awful to immigrants,” said Rev. Taylor of the Our Lady of Immaculate Speculation of his decision to kick Ms. Sanders out. When asked why he was singling out Ms. Huckabee Sanders when the Obama administration also was sort of shitty to immigrants, Rev. Taylor said it was because he was politically inclined to react negatively to news about Trump and didn’t really follow Obama’s immigration policy, but even if Obama wasn’t perfect that doesn’t mean what Trump is doing now is okay and should be accepted.”
But some online have been critical of the decision by restaurants and other service providers to deny access based only on the patron’s politics or position in the government. As journalistic proof for the previous statement, observe this fight between three random people I stumbled across online. I messed up screenshotting it, but it doesn’t matter because news coverage is mostly about the headline and making sure its provocative enough to get people to share it and comment on it without anyone actually reading the whole thing to determine if it’s real or fake.

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