By Mario ChalmersThe Miami Heat have made the playoffs, which means fans across South Florida are getting ready to cheer them on as they attempt to make it past the first round of the NBA Playoffs. If you’ve been a fan of the Miami Heat, you should know that it is tradition for South Floridians to celebrate a Heat win by clanking together pots and pans in order to create as big a ruckus as possible.
In an attempt to embrace the pots and pans celebratory culture, the Miami Heat have announced that they will be releasing an official, limited-edition line of Heat-branded pots and pans so die-hard fans can celebrate in style.
>The pots also come with built-in noise amplification, so you can make the loudest racket east of the Mississippi
“I’m very excited and happy to see this organization embracing local fan culture,” said Erik Spoelstra, head coach of the Miami Heat. “I can’t wait to see all the fans cooking and cheering in style.”
The collection, however, does not come cheap. If you want the full collection, which includes all of the items in the official line of products, you’ll pay a whopping $305.99 However, the pans are made with non-stick, high-quality material, come with a lifetime warranty. The pots also come with built-in noise amplification, so you can make the loudest racket east of the Mississippi.
“I actually pre-ordered one myself,” said Dwyane Wade, who recently was reacquired by the Heat. “And one for Lebron as well.”
The Heat-branded line of pots and pans are now available on the official Miami Heat website as well as the Heat Stores located within the American Airlines Arena and the Dolphin Mall. For more information visit
Mario Chalmers is a staff writer for The Plantain.

By Michael de ArmasAmerican Airlines Arena, home of the Miami Heat basketball team, has been abuzz with the news that Miami sports legend Dwyane Wade would be returning to the team from an unfortunate disagreement and exile that lasted several years.
Old employees of the arena greeted Wade with tears in their eyes upon seeing the idol return. Newer employees sheepishly waved in awe as Wade, 36, strode through the tunnels of the AA Arena, beholding his own likeness among the championship murals blazoning the walls. However, once in the confines of the shrine-like locker room confusion quickly ensued.
The famous returning player was warmly greeted by Maria Contreras, 62, a CVS employee working as a greeter at the new ‘CVS y Mas’ installed conveniently in Wade’s old locker. However, Wade was visibly shaken by the change and spent several moments seated on the floor, dazed, surrounded by AA Arena and CVS personnel, who asked him if he wanted a CVS Brand Gold Emblem Peach Soda Water or confection at a steady discount as consolation.
> Wade was visibly shaken and spent several moments seated on the floor, dazed.
Wade told The Plantain, “This is the first place I went after we won the chip’ in 06, I came here after my first game in the league, too, and cried. This spot means so much to me, so much… now people will only come here mainly to fill their prescriptions… Things change, I guess, but why must they change like this?”
Despite the initial shock, Wade quickly adapted and now seems relatively comfortable in his new locker next to the CVS. He has formed an unlikely friendship with Maria, the admiring CVS greeter, and plans to visit the CVS if he ever needs an ACE bandage for an in-game sports injury, shampoo, or something to drink late at night.
Michael de Armas is a photojournalist and staff writer for The Plantain.