Like many, I frequented Arby’s not just for its creative uses of meat but for the emotional stability it provided. For over ten years I went to the Arby’s restaurant located off of 117th Avenue and Sunset Drive, but no longer. My world was shattered by my recent dining experience at this Arby’s, and I’m not sure my relationship with the franchise will ever recover.It started like any other day, I stopped in around noon for my daily big beef and cheddar. I expected Sarah to be working the counter, or maybe Lance if he decided to pick up some extra hours to pay for that used Nissan Sentra he’s had his eye on. Instead, I was greeted by a freckled cur by the name of Bethany. Now I’m not adverse to change, many people have come and gone in this respective Arby’s over the years, but they all understand the central tenets that separate Arby’s from the rest.
I was polite when I greeted Bethany and informed her I wanted my regular big beef and cheddar, with three mozzarella sticks inside the sandwich. While this is not a normal item on the Arby’s menu, it is one I have earned the right to order by my patronage of that specific Arby’s. Bethany rather rudely informed me that she was not going to accommodate my request. I held my temper and tried to enlighten her who she was talking to, but Bethany stood resolute in denying me what was rightfully mine.
I could contain my fury no longer and told Bethany in no uncertain terms her proper place in the hierarchy of this Arby’s using a series of harsh expletives. Bethany began to cry, which drew the attention of Alejandro the manager. Alejandro asked what was going on and I told him that this new hire simply wasn’t going to work out, that if he wanted my continued business he would have to lose Bethany. Against all odds, against all reason, he chose Bethany.
I was speechless, after everything we had been through he chose her. I tried to plead with him, imploring him to remember all the good times we had over the years. But Alejandro insisted I leave. It goes without saying I did not ring the good service bell that day. This betrayal has cut me to the core, how could a once respectable institution like the Arby’s off of 117th and Sunset turn into such a quagmire of insolence? And how could Alejandro do this to me, of all people? I was going to make him my best man at the wedding I’ll have once I get a girlfriend. Well,
I’m here to tell the world in this review that you should avoid the Arby’s off of 117th and Sunset like the plague. The only thing you can get there is the pain and sorrow, and the curly fries sometimes come out soggy!
Written by Daniel Jimenez