Florida International University has been using this weekend’s game against UM as a fundraising opportunity, promoting the game as “The Championship of the Battle For Miami”, which we think is just like totally cute, you guys.The Plantain asked several FIU students wearing University of Miami shirts on campus about the rivalry, to which each student proudly held up a []_[] before letting this reporter know it was “all about” it. We attempted to find UM students wearing FIU apparel, but of course couldn’t find anyone. “F.I.Who?” asked University of Miami biology student Katherine Winters, originally from Hartford, Connecticut.

“I think it’s adorable,” said Manny Diaz of FIU’s insistence that it is football rivals with the University of Miami. “But no…no one really thinks that.

The Plantain asked FIU President Mark Rosenberg to comment on the widespread agreement FIU isn’t really rivals with University of Miami, to which he adamantly stated “nuh-uh!”

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