The Plantain Endorses Donald Trump For President

The Plantain Endorses Donald Trump For President

America is an idea. It always has been. From the earliest days of our Republic until last night we have had the privilege of being ruled by government actors that have without waiver followed the basic rules set forth in our founding documents and whom have kept to the traditions that we have prided ourselves in since George Washington first ceded power to John Adams in 1796. It is the pride of our democratic system of government to transition leadership without bloodshed.

The peaceful transition of power was a truly revolutionary idea that emerged from our American Revolution, and one that has served as the inspiration for dozens of countries around the world who have built their own democracies on our ideas. Last night we as a country entered a crossroad in which the Republican nominee for President appeared to disregard his moral and civic obligation to accept the apparently impending electoral loss that awaits him. Counterintuitively, Donald Trump’s refusal to accept this basic tenet of our way of life has forced the editorial board of The Plantain to conclude that Donald J. Trump must, for the sake of our continued democracy, be elected President of the United States.

Hillary Clinton is undoubtedly more qualified to be President than Donald J. Trump and, indeed, we believe she would have been a wonderful person to lead our country during these troubled times. She possesses a better understanding of the issues and complexities we face as a nation and, throughout her long and sometimes controversial career as a public servant, has worked tirelessly for the betterment of the nation. Her consummate professionalism and poise are precisely why we believe she is the right candidate to lose this election.

In an interview earlier today, Secretary Clinton promised, as all candidates have before, to accept the outcome of our upcoming election. Unwittingly, this statement has convinced us that Secretary Clinton has been, in our minds at least, check mated by Mr. Trump’s brash ego and selfishness. Our country can withstand four, and maybe even eight years, of Donald Trump’s petulance, ill manners, and bad leadership, as we have persevered through terrible leaders before. But we do not believe that our Country can withstand a democratic crisis led by a rabid authoritarian in control of an army of millions of well-armed sycophantic fans.

The last time the United States faced a crisis of this magnitude it ended in a bloody and long Civil War that nearly destroyed our American experiment. We are unwilling to test our luck again.

Our hope is that the American fascist experience offered by Donald Trump fizzles over the next four years and the popular support Mr. Trump holds wanes. Other than that, we will pray that Mr. Trump will grow tired of the role of Presidency or for some other reason does not seek re-election.

To Secretary Clinton, we all thank you for your lifetime of effort and know you will conduct yourself with all of the poise and class that you have demonstrated throughout your entire career as you congratulate Donald Trump on his becoming President.