The World Can't Even

The World Can't Even

Waking up to the shocking news that at least 50-people have been murdered during the early morning hours at an Orlando gay club, the world has collectively decided that today it just can’t even.

“I just want to lay in bed and cry,” said literally everyone. “I can’t process another tragedy, especially one so close to home, nor do I want to. I don’t know what to do. I literally can’t even.”

Although recognizing the need for the nation to mourn yet another mass tragedy, President Obama advised the American people this morning that although we all feel we can’t even, for the good of the Nation, we must:

My Fellow Americans,

Far too often, and with increasing frequency, we are asked as a nation to process tragedies like the one that occurred in Orlando last night. And with each tragedy, I know that we feel more and more pessimistic about the state of our nation, our security, and the direction we are headed.

Although we must grieve and pray, and there will be plenty of time for both, we must also recognize that tragedies like these create an urgent obligation on us all to unite and do what we must to assist the victims and their families.

If you are in Florida, there is an Urgent Need For Blood Donors and if you are elsewhere, the families of the many victims of this tragedy would greatly benefit from a donation to defray the unexpected financial costs that they must now endure.

So I ask you all, as a Nation, to take a few minutes to find out how you can donate blood and plasma, or a few dollars, before taking a much needed and well deserved moment with your family to just sit with them in quiet reflection about how much they mean to you and how precious life can be.

President Barack Obama

Following President Obama’s remarks, droves of people reportedly pulled themselves together for a few minutes in order to find a place to donate blood and input their credit card information to assist the victims of the tragedy, before returning home to confine themselves to their couch for several hours to watch Netflix with their families.

“It was the least that I could do,” said Orlando businessman Carl Davidson,” before placing his arm around his wife and son and watching 6 episodes of Fuller House.