“I’m telling you, folks, if Joe Biden were president there will be many, many more 9/11s. I mean, 9/11 was bad, very bad many people say, but you have to remember it was many years before I was President. But before me, as you know, you had Barack Husein Obama and Joe Biden, Sleepy Joe Biden as I like to call him, as President and, I don’t know, some people say they could have prevented 9/11, done a little more they say, maybe, but the point is I am the law and order President and Sleepy Joe and the radical, the radical AOCs don’t even watch Law and Order, let alone…let alone…Burn Notice, Blue Bloods, Bull, all of these shows which are great even though some of their creators said some pretty not nice things about me, but that’s okay, that’s okay because on 9/11 I was, I’ll never forget, I was in New York and I remember when those great, beautiful towers fell down to the ground and as I watched them I thought ‘well I guess Trump tower is the tallest building in New York again, that should be very good for my business because, as you know, I was a very successful businessman before becoming President, in New York real estate which, you know, I greatly enjoyed, I had a great life, but beyond that, beyond that I thought this is a shame because if only America had a strong leader no one would attack a great City like New York and get away with it and in fact, some people say it’s very bad that Joe Biden and Barack didn’t stop Osama sooner, some say they totally failed, but I don’t know, of course, New York recovered very big because we had Rudy, Mayor Rudy who was in charge back then and a very big supporter of me, not like New York now which has gone completely down the drain with DiBlasio and Cuomo in charge, I mean now its riots and looting non-stop, black lives matter signs along 5th Avenue, it’s awful, really,” said President Trump to the housekeeper as she entered his room to remove the 6 quarter pounders containers he had the Secret Service pick up for him from a Bethesda McDonalds late last night.

67 times the number of Americans that died on 9/11 have died of Covid-19.