Donald Trump signed an Executive Order early Sunday morning officially moving the apostrophe in Presidents’ Day back one so it’s now just President’s Day. 

“The day really should be about celebrating the President, not former so-called presidents who didn’t endorse me when I was campaigning, which I won, by the way. By a lot,” said the President to a room full of reporters in response to a question about the rise in anti-semitism across the United States. 

The decision comes as the least shocking thing Donald Trump has done this week and is not  really being criticized by anyone except Bill Clinton, who was really hoping for a cake. 

“This isn’t fair! It’s supposed to be my day too!” the former President said to his wife who whispered “there there” to the whimpering septuagenarian as she placed her arm on the former President’s shoulder and let him know that she knows how he feels.   

Photo Credit: Jason Ibarra

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