With December temperatures approaching 90 degrees, at least two South Floridians are finding it difficult to get in the holiday spirit this Winter. Sheryl Davidson and Armando Ribero, both office assistants at the downtown Miami law firm of Draper Mizer, LLP were hospitalized after overheating during a firm mandated “Ugly Christmas Sweater” “Party” held Tuesday afternoon. Both are expected to survive. 

“This is just so awful,” said Draper Mizer office manager Beth Ann Holtzman, still in a sweat drenched “Egg-Nog-Nog-Noggin on Heaven’s Door” sweater. “We wish Sheryl and Armando a very quick recover…cover…excuse me, I’m sorry I just need to sit down for a second,” said the 48-year-old office worker as Diane, her work BFF in an ugly blue Hanukkah sweater, brought her maroon-faced friend a cup of room temperature water which she quickly drank up. “Can you see if the paramedic is still here?” Beth asked Diane. “Maybe it’s just a hot-flash, honey,” suggested Diane, a comment which Beth certainly did not find amusing. 

County health experts are warning residents not to experiment with Christmas Sweaters, attend Ugly Sweater parties, or serve hot chocolate to anyone until the weather dips backs down to the low 1980’s. “Anything above 84 degrees is just not sweater weather,” said paramedic Norman Babo as he strapped Olivia to a gurney. “Are you single? I have a daughter who would just love you,” said Beth to the young paramedic as he carted her off to the hospital for some fruit juice and saline solution. 

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