By James PicklemanToday, teenagers of Hallandale and Hollywood gathered to watch the local Canadian snowbirds forms a flying-v of SUV’s as they start their migration back to their homes to Quebec.
The event occurs every Spring and is bittersweet for many locals, and especially a large number of teens. Local Hallandale Beach teenager, Anna Packwin, who has witnessed the gathering the past two years says, “It’s great! All these snowbirds gather in in the Wal-Mart parking lot in swarms. I don’t think they plan it or anything, they just inherently understand it’s time to leave when the weather changes or even pure instinct. As she spoke, increasing numbers of Cadillacs and PT Cruisers slowly entered the lot. “There’s hundreds of them,” Packwin continued, “they are just honking at each other at first, but after a few hours of confusion they start forming a number of V-shapes and then they’re off.”
> “They’re an invasive species like iguanas.”
Eleven-year-old, Channing Baxter, who rode in on a bike said, “Last year a few buddies followed the flying-V’s as they drove up 95. It was cool at first, but eventually we got bored at the slow pace. We were riding bicycles and my bud, Benny, was keeping pace without even breaking a sweat.”
Not all residents are excited to at the annual event, as 12-year-old Benjamin “Benny” Ronald noted, “My dad says he’s glad these birds leave as they add 20 minutes to his commute.” Benny continued, “He joked that they’re an invasive species like iguanas.” As Benny looked forlornly at the empty Wal-Mart parking lot, he said, “True, they’re slow and honk all the time, but I’ll miss them.”
James Pickleman is a staff writer for The Plantain. He came to Miramar on vacation and never left.
Photo credit Lisa W. Hopper

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