Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary has officially really added the word “irregardless” to its dictionary, saying in a statement to the Plantain, “Bro, it’s a fuckin’ word now.”

The addition of “irregardless” to the English language comes as a result of the retirement of renowned linguist and professor of American etymology at Harvard Edward James Hornsmith IV as the dictionary’s editor. Professor Hornsmith has long opposed the inclusion of “irregardless” to his dictionary on the basis that it isn’t a word even though millions of people use it and everyone knows what it means.

Professor Hornsmith resigned as editor after a video surfaced of the 74-year-old arguing with a student about how societal norms force language to evolve. “The idea that a dictionary should legitimize an incorrect usage or delegitimize a correct usage because society has redefined a term is intellectually retarded!” said Professor Hornsmith in the video to gasps from his class followed by the immediate realization that he was going to lose his job.

Professor Hornsmith will be replaced by Yasmelly Alvarez from Doral, Florida. Prior to being named editor of Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, Ms. Alvarez worked a Sports Grill.

“I”m super excited to bring Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary into the 21st Century. Language is like constantly evolving and it’s time our dictionaries better reflect how English is actually used,” said Ms. Alvarez, adding “The dictionary is gonna be fire.”